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Audie Norman

What up everyone, I’m Audie Norman! Born and raised in Atlanta, GA (ITP baby, always within a mile of PDK). Now living in Macon, GA, I’m husband to an awesome wife, and dad to three awesome boys! Twin 6 year olds and a 4 year old little brother. My wife’s a pastor in the United Methodist Church, so along with all the wonderful political talk at family gatherings I get to hear, there’s plenty of theological… discussions as well. I’ve worked in churches, camps, customer service, retail, and even sign making. I’m currently a stay-at-home dad and freelance illustrator, but only when I’m not trying to help my boys with virtual school (for those of you in the future, yes, this is in the middle of Covid). 

I am a big old nerd! I grew up on comics, video games, movies, and TV. I loved comics so much I got my degree in Sequential Art from SCAD. I love to play video games when I can, although not as much as I want to. Did I mention having three kids? I also really love podcasts. I think I started listening when I got my first iPhone (old school 4s). I listened to Webcomics Weekly all the time. Over and over. From there I listened to all kinds of shows, on all kinds of subjects. I love the idea that it feels like I’m sitting across the table, just listening to people talking about something I’m interested in. For the better part of 12 years, if I’m listening to something, it’s probably a podcast. This past year, I took a leap and got on board the podcasting train myself, and co-host “Let’s Watch Highlander” with my buddy Travis. Some of you might remember him from last season. I’ve really enjoyed being on this side of the mic, so when the call came for this season of ANTP, I thought “What the heck, you’ll make it a least a week… hopefully.” So here I am, ready to level up on my podcasting! 

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