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Brendan Pearson

Brendan lives in Flemington, New Jersey. He is currently in his freshman year of college. He is attending Northeastern University, studying Chemical Engineering. His passions are live streaming, doing sports commentary, and of course podcasting!

His podcast began back in 2019 after recently getting into the marble sports community. There was no extended media yet offered about marble sports, and so he invented the Marble Sports Worldwide Podcast. He started alone and brought different guests each week. Over time, he found a co host in Jared Cooper. They continue to run the podcast now 2 years later. Additionally, Brendan is involved in semi-professional sports commentary. He has worked for the channel Fubeca’s Marble Runs, and other smaller marble sports channels. He also has commented for hot wheels racing and SPARC, a virtual reality dodgeball type game. He is still young and just beginning to figure out his passions as he progresses through college. He hopes for a competitive and fulfilling experience on Season 3 of ANTP.

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