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Casey J

For over a decade, I have immersed myself in the world of podcasting. I started out at my college radio station, where I got invaluable experience not only on air, but at producing as well. While in college, I produced, edited, and hosted a weekly show dedicated to rock, punk and metal music from Minnesota and North Dakota. I was able to do so much with the show, including scheduling and recording interviews with local bands, as well as coordinate live remotes from different venues. I was given the ball, and I ran as fast as I could with it. I was able to create a promo for the show that would air on the station periodically through the week, and even had the show picked up by a couple independent radio stations across the country.

In 2017, I was fortunate enough to work with one of my childhood idols, Sean Mooney, on his podcast. He hosted a interview-style podcast talking about the glory days of professional wrestling. I was able to spend 3 years with him, and, in that time I also got the chance to meet more of my idols as I was in charge of not only scheduling guests, but also making sure the interviews were top-notch quality. The high point of my career came in 2019, when I had the chance to go to Las Vegas with Sean to take in the big Starrcast event at Caesars Palace. I got to go backstage, and meet more of my idols. I also got unprecedented access to more of the biggest names in professional wrestling. In 2020, Sean and I mutually agreed to end the show, and I moved on to other projects. Not only was I working on more of my own shows, but I also helped others edit and produce their shows.

My passion is podcasting. I love being behind a mic or a mixer, creating content for the world to hear. It brings me great pride to release a new project into the wild.