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Hi, I’m Don and I go by Diddi in the online community. I am a Pennsylvania country boy that relocated to the suburbs of Washington DC about 30 years ago. My amazing wife that I met playing World of Warcraft and I are empty nesters that have 3 wonderful 20 something kids. Two boys and a girl. We currently reside with two cats (Jaina and Kit) that totally rule the roost.

My personal tastes are extremely eclectic and I am passionate about all manner of things in life. I love video games, music, sports, food and technology just to name a few. Even within those things I bounce around about what captures my fancy. I can listen to “The Rat Pack” and the next song on my playlist will be “Children of Bodom”. Whatever it is, I’m exceptionally passionate about it and usually pour my heart and soul into it.

My love for video games goes way back to the days of Space Invaders and Asteroids. I remember the first arcade game in a mall that we passed one day at lunch. I plunked a quarter (for 3 plays by the way) into the Space Invaders game and was hooked for life. I have been playing ever since. So funny story, I have been playing WoW since launch. I love the game and I never let my subscription lapse. In 2014 or so I joined a raid team and the raid leader and I got to talking one night and we realized we only lived a few miles apart. He was buying a house and as he described the location, I said holy crap, that is near my street. Well one thing led to another and today we are fast friends and he is the one that got me into podcasting. I’ve always wanted to do a podcast but just couldn’t take the plunge. I finally got up the nerve to ask him about it and he said he would love to do it with me. Today we are just about 50 episodes in with our third host and absolutely loving it.

I think podcasts are sort of like tattoos. I have two but always contemplating more. You’re always thinking about what the next one will be. Just to show how incredibly nerdy I am, one of my tattoos is my kids initials in Skyrim dragon language.

I’ve listened to podcasts for years. I go back to the ELR days. I am incredibly excited to be part of this competition and to rub elbows with some of my podcasting idols. I am especially looking forward to meeting a bunch of wonderful people, making new friends and expanding my horizons as a podcaster and person.

Twitter: @diddidoesgames
Website: Joystick and Mouse