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HI. I’m JOE Houde, an educator and designer for leadership development programs, writer, and aspiring podcaster.  As an independent consultant, I have designed and taught training programs for the past 20 years; working with over one hundred companies and teaching in over a dozen countries.  

I earned a M.Ed. in Training and Development and an Ed.D in Organizational and Adult Learning from North Carolina State university.  My doctoral research inspired my writing and podcast about how our social networks shape our leadership, and how leadership shapes our social networks.  Most of my podcasting focuses on getting interesting stories from diverse people in order to help others connect to abstract leadership principles.  My writing focuses on telling those stories.  

I grew up in the Rhode Island, which I readily abandoned when given the chance to work on a cruise ship in Hawaii after college.  I chose my wife over Hawaii not too long after that and 20 years later, it’s working out really well.  I now live in Durham, North Carolina with my wife and two kids.  I am excited about the new notoriety of the Bull City but would like magazines to stop writing articles about it for a while so we can figure out how to deal with all this growth.   When I’m not working, he enjoys making things from wood, watching Duke Basketball, learning taichi and sneaking in the occasional video game or board game.   I write my first name in all-caps because I was a smart-ass in high school, and caps keys are personal challenge.