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I’m Melissa, host of Sometimes in Shambles. I’m originally from Southern California but now call Salt Lake City my home. I’m a single 26 year old who is a mother to my cat, Meeko.
I’ve only just begun podcasting back in February and have one season so far with 13 episodes. The first season covered mental health as well as my journey in leaving the LDS Mormon Church. I didn’t expect my podcast to turn into this direction but I have really enjoyed recording my personal experiences on these topics and being able to be so relatable to so many people.
I have become a huge advocate to mental health, specifically depression and anxiety after starting my podcast. My elevator pitch for Sometimes in Shambles is something along the lines of: I share my personal experiences about transitioning into adulthood during my 20s in hopes of relating to others and making them feel like they aren’t alone. Your 20s can be a really difficult time and I’m not shy about it. I try to stay as real, vulnerable and true to myself as possible which sometimes includes me crying on the show. I want people to feel like they are listening to a friend and think “that’s exactly how I feel!” And then tell them how I got through my experience in hopes that I can help them get through theirs.
I’m all about putting in the work to reach your goals whether that goal is improving your mental health or starting a podcast about it! I also enjoy doing all Utah cliche things such as camping, hiking and rock climbing. I love photography and going out and doing some crazy editorial and creative shoots as well as starting new side projects. I like anything true crime, binge watching Netflix, traveling and learning about new cultures and a simple game night here and there. I like stay busy and am excited to start this podcast competition journey!
Twitter: @shamblespod