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Michael Tyger Fahy

Hi everyone! I’m Michael Tyger Fahy. Yes, that is my real middle name. I’m a first year law student, casual video gamer, and former college radio show host living in Columbus, Ohio. My greatest joys are my partner, Erica, and our dog, Ziti. Spending time with them playing games on the Switch and PS5 have filled me with joy during a difficult pandemic year.  I value empathy, compassion, and advocating for marginalized people, and I hope to reflect those values in my fledgling podcasting adventure.

While I do not currently host a podcast, I plan to debut a show this spring or summer by, for, and about radical law students. The law school experience can be jarring for those of us more interested in learning about how the design and enforcement of the law actually impacts people rather than just learning ancient legal concepts. My show will serve as a resource guide and community builder for current and future law students who seek to learn about and advocate for social justice, anti-racism, and criminal justice reform. As a complete amateur in the audio production world, I am thrilled to learn more about the art of podcasting through the expert hosts, judges, and contestants of ANTP.

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Instagram: @fahymt