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Shawn White

Hello, hello, hello. (Why three times, I still have no idea, but it’s become a thing for me, so… shrug) I’m Shawn White, full time husband to a woman who, for some unknown reason, settled for me, father of three little girls who, I’m sure, will give me many gray hairs, and one of the hosts of the, currently shelved, Part Time Gamers podcast, the gaming podcast for people with full time lives. I’m also a graduate of a digital media arts school here in Michigan, of which I graduated with the highest GPA of our class. I’ve also dabbled in theater and amateur film making. More specifically, I’ve participated in several 48 film challenges, in which I’ve had to create a short film, from start to finish, in 48 hours. And now, I’m glad to say, I can add “contestant of Season 4 of ANTP” to my resume, something I’ve been hoping for since the show’s inception. Please note, no where in this description does it mention me snowboarding, and if you vocalize that incorrect association, I will do… well… literally nothing beyond imagining myself getting into your car and changing all your radio presets one station to the left. That’s the extent of my malice.

Beyond my resume, I enjoy gaming and streaming, maining because of the social aspects of both. I love sharing a fun experience with people, and there are few better ways to do that than through gaming. And that was the reason I first got into, and wish to return to, podcasting. Being able to discuss a shared love of games with guests and listeners is truly an exciting thought to me. I wish to use this competition as a spring board to, not only, learn more to improve my craft, but, also, garner a social circle of awesome people I can nerd out with. I hope I can make it far into the competition, but, even if I don’t, I look forward to the connects I will make. Regardless, you’ll be hearing me on the podcast app of your choice soon.