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Well hello there. I’m Travis Crawford, and I hail from beautiful northern lower Michigan, where I live with my dog.

I got the creator bug in high school, and started producing short films with my friends for class projects. That became longer form movies for school film festivals, and eventually, a sketch comedy show on our local Public Access station (the OG YouTube for all you kids out there). I even spent some time as a DJ on the local college radio station. Eventually “real life” got in the way, and I wasn’t able to do any real creating for a few years. But after that long period of creative stagnation, I’ve started to get back in to it. Whether it’s writing out a campaign for my D&D group, working on short stories, or recording my podcast on movies, I am finally stretching out my creator muscles, and enjoying every second of it. I also enjoy getting out doors for hikes in the woods with my dog, and playing basketball. 

Twitter: @tvstravis