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Vincent Minnucci 

For Christmas 2007 I received an iPod Classic – I went into iTunes and saw a then unknown-to-me category called “Podcasts.” I searched for World of Warcraft and saw this show called ‘The Instance’ and that was it, I was HOOKED. My first show, The OverLores, was a WoW lore show. I launched HotSCast, one of the first Heroes of the Storm shows worldwide, just after BlizzCon 2013. My longest running show was Geek or Die where myself and two friends plus a guest (Including one Mr. Tom Merritt and Mr. Justin Robert Young) would each bring “One Cool Thing” on which to geek out as a round-robin geek culture show. I was involved in several companion-podcasts reviewing movies and TV shows including a review show of AMC’s “The Terror” that ranked on Apples Top 100 worldwide podcasts for TV and Film. Most recently I worked with the Cover Master himself to relaunch Lyrics Undercover for Coverville Media. In 2018 I started my own business that carries with it an average of a 60-70 hour work week, in 2019 I was had two potentially fatal accidents within 1 month including an emergency operation and follow-up operation, and of course there’s no need to mention 2020 – all of which eliminated any “free time” in my life. So 2021 is where I get back into Podcasting mode as it is not only my passion, but my creative outlet, and my personal therapy. Some of my closest friends in the world I have met through podcasting – and I need it to be a staple in my life again!

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