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Will Sattelberg

Hi, I’m Will! I was only 13 when I started listening to my first podcast—CNet’s Buzz Out Loud, featuring none other than Tom Merritt as host—and I pretty quickly fell in love with the medium. Since then, I’ve spent most of my free time listening to podcasts while working, cleaning, running, driving, cooking, and doing basically any other monotonous chore.

But of course, I’m not just a consumer. In addition to producing and editing videos online, I finally got to make my mark in the world of podcasts in 2020 with my podcast Kenspiracy. Co-created with my best friend of nearly a decade and adapted from our college campus TV show, Kenspiracy is set in an alternate post-apocalyptic universe, where our fictionalized hosts find themselves reporting the “news” from the safety of their fallout bunker. Part scripted, part improv comedy, it’s my goal that Kenspiracy be unlike any podcast on the web today.

Outside of podcasts, I work as a freelance writer and video editor, and I hold a degree in Video Production from SUNY Fredonia. I love movies more than almost anything, and I also enjoy gaming, playing tennis with my friends, and cooking. I live in Buffalo, NY, where I spend my time eating chicken wings and rooting on the Bills (as is tradition), and I’d like to remind you that, if you’re ever in town, only tourists go to Anchor Bar—Gabriel’s Gate is where it’s at.

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