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    To apply to be a contestant for America's Next Top Podcaster, please fill out the survey below completely and as honestly as possible. (Items marked with * are required)

    Please note: Once the season starts, we record the show every Monday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm Mountain Time. By applying to be a contestant, you are committing to be available at that time every week!

    Below are a set of guidelines for applicants. Please look them over and click their checkboxes to confirm that you've read and understand them. (Clicked checkboxes are required for all items below.)
    I have been podcasting for less than 10 years.I have no professional network affiliations.I have released a minimum of 10 episodes.I produce podcasts that are primarily in English.I understand that participation will potentially require weekly podcast production, coordination with a team, and contact with production staff.