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To apply to be a contestant for America's Next Top Podcaster, please fill out the survey below completely and as honestly as possible.

Please note: We record the show every Monday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm Mountain Time. By applying to be a contestant, you are committing to be available at that time every week. This season's recording schedule is planned for February 28 to June 6 (with a couple Mondays off, including Memorial Day).

Include technical and soft skills
Submitted material may be used in promotional material and production of the show.
By clicking the checkbox below, you are confirming the following: You have been podcasting for less than 10 years. You have no professional network affiliations. You have released a minimum of 10 episodes. You produce podcasts that are primarily in English. You understand that participation will require weekly podcast production, coordination with a team, and contact with production staff. You understand that any content created during the production is owned by the production, and that any use of the content in my own productions must be identified to production staff. You understand that winners of the contest will have to comply with network criteria (language and content requirements) release of the content is at the discretion of network owner and production staff. You understand that any other prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the production and contestants are not entitled to more than was originally listed. You understand that this is a solo contest, and that if you podcast with others, each will need to enter on their own.
Guideline review and acceptance(Required)